_Theatrical visit_

La Peste

Get up close and personal with one of the epidemics that most severely punished Malaga in the 17th century: The Black Death. Up to a third of its population was victim of a disease that did not understand social class, religion or age.

With our theatrical visit you will discover from different characters how one of the deadliest outbreaks of the Modern Age was experienced.

Live in your own skin the examinations that the plague doctors carried out in search of the dreaded buboes, may the bishop of the city show you the divine punishment they suffered because of the sinners, may the councilor tell you the measures taken to avoid the expansion of the epidemic and do not miss how and who carried out the burials of the victims.


1h 30min



Meeting Point

Main door Malaga Museum – Plaza de la Aduana


Puerta Oscura Gardens



All the information will be sent via WhatsApp so that it is very easy to find the guide who will be waiting for you at the meeting point.

No tenemos prohibición de edad, no obstante, por la propia temática de la ruta, y por los temas que tratamos, no recomendamos la ruta a menores de 16 años.

It is a theatrical visit where the characters deal with the issues of the plague from the social-historical point of the 17th century. The characters are not scary nor do they give scares. During the visit, we can only tell you that we have many surprises guaranteed

The visit is exterior.

During the activity we will stop in different streets, squares or churches to explain the relationship that the environment has with the theme, or the character being explained.

The guide will contact you by phone before leaving the point, and will give you instructions to join the group.

Our routes are maintained even if it rains.

If you find it uncomfortable to do the activity with an umbrella, you can change your reservation to another available date.

In the event that the AEMET foresees very adverse weather conditions, we would contact you sufficiently in advance to notify you of the suspension of the activity, and offer you an alternative date.

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