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Cementerio IngLés

In the 19th century, different cultures coexisted peacefully in Malaga, until death arrived. The bodies of non-Catholic citizens did not have access to cemeteries, so in coastal cities like Malaga the bodies were buried under the cover of night, on the beach and vertically, with the head facing the sea.

This obligation remained until 1831 when the first Protestant cemetery in the Iberian Peninsula was inaugurated: the English Cemetery in Malaga.

Enter this holy field at night and behind closed doors thanks to our theatrical visit and unearth the secrets that lie hidden here.

Discover the execution of Robert Boyd and his companions on the coast of Malaga, learn about the sinking of the German frigate Gneisenau from Captain Kritschman or be surprised by Mary Ann, the owner of the stone angel, the most famous tomb in the cemetery, among others. many stories.


1h 30min


15€ (18€) – INCLUDES: Theatrical Visit + Entrance to the cemetery


Entrance to the English Cemetery in Malaga


Interior of the English Cemetery



All the information will be sent via WhatsApp so that it is very easy to find the guide who will be waiting for you at the meeting point.

It is a visit focused on the adult public. And although we do not have an age restriction, we do not recommend the route to children under 16 years of age.

Although the entire visit is at night and in a cemetery, the characters are not scary or scary.
During the visit, we can only tell you that we have many surprises guaranteed.

The entire theatrical visit is inside the cemetery.

Once the visit begins, the doors of the English Cemetery are closed and no one can enter. The guide cannot come to meet you either because she will be in the middle of the activity.

If you had reservations for the first pass, you can contact us and if there is availability we will move you to the second pass.

Our routes are maintained even if it rains.

If you find it uncomfortable to do the activity with an umbrella, you can change your reservation to another available date.

In the event that the AEMET foresees very adverse weather conditions, we would contact you sufficiently in advance to notify you of the suspension of the activity, and offer you an alternative date.

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